Dr. Schroder has over 30 years experience administering conscious sedation both intravenously and orally. He completed a General Practice Residency after Dental School that provided him in-depth didactic and clinical training in anesthesia. This training included operating room experience guided by anesthesiologists where he acquired valuable knowledge and expertise in conscious sedation techniques.

As a Clinical Assistant Professor in the Department of General Practice at the University of Texas Dental School in San Antonio, his duties included instructing dental residents in sedation techniques. He has been a member of the medical staff at Southwest Texas Methodist Hospital, South Texas Ambulatory Surgical Hospital, and Medical Center Hospital in San Antonio, Texas.

Dental implants are titanium tooth replacements that can be used in ever increasing indications in tooth replacement from single teeth to full mouth reconstruction. The diagnosis and treatment with dental implants is a complicated endeavor requiring extensive training and experience. Dr. Schroder has this extensive training and experience.

Conscious sedation is an altered state of awareness which allows a patient to undergo dental procedures without experiencing any anxiety or fear. When administered by an experienced and skilled dentist, it can be the difference in receiving much needed care or living with the pain and social challenge of inadequate dental health. Dr. Schroder is certified and experienced in all facets of conscious sedation. This skill has helped many of his patients receive care they would have otherwise avoided, allowing them to enjoy excellent dental health.

If you have any interest in or possible need for dental implants, Dr. Schroder welcomes the opportunity to talk with you in detail about how this remarkable procedure can help you.