With over 35 years of experience in the private practice of dentistry and the realization that his experience could be of benefit to other members of the dental profession, Dr. Schroder dedicated considerable time and effort to document and organize the presentations that are discussed in this web section. Initially, his subject matter focused on Biomechanics and Digital Impressioning as this was his primary clinical interest and a recognized skillset. He has been privileged to present to groups across the United States and internationally. He has presented live patient demonstrations of digital impressioning techniques to large audiences at the American Dental Association Meeting and the Greater New York Dental Meeting. He was also the Keynote Speaker for Benco’s National Sales Meeting.

While the large audience format has been very gratifying, his greatest satisfaction comes from teaching in the smaller, more interactive study club format. The ability to share ideas and bring new information to dentists across the country has been professionally and personally stimulating. In presenting to these groups it became apparent that there seemed to be a "disconnect" between the knowledge of comprehensive treatment planning and its application in our individual practices. In assessing his own professional development, it became apparent to Dr. Schroder that the relationships he has developed within his own study club and the knowledge gained from expert presentations are one of the principle vehicles enabling him to be the dentist that he is today. He has gained tremendous professional and personal benefit in making a commitment to apply the knowledge gained through this educational format. Without the collegiality of the Seattle Study Club, he recognizes that he would likely still be trying to do it all alone. This realization has spawned his interest in promoting and encouraging Interdisciplinary Treatment in his teaching.

Confessions of a Former Single Tooth Dentist

Attendees: Dentists & Teams | Length of Program: Full Day

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"We were fortunate enough to host Brian for two programs. First, his confessions of a single tooth dentist program, followed 6 months later by a hands-on prep course co-sponsored by 3M. Both programs were well received. Brian has a wonderful presence and humility that emanates from him. Our members found Brian knowledgeable yet approachable and helpful. Our group has been together for over 20 years, and our members, without exception, would love to spend time with Brian again."

Dr. Mark Zablotsky
"Just wanted to extend my sincere thanks for a great talk today. Some of the things you said today really hit me between the eyes. I am nearly at that 15-year point in my dental career, with a loving wife, three kids, etc. Wondering what my next step needs to be in my career but reluctant to change, since things are becoming 'comfortable.' Well your talk today had a profound effect on me and Lisa and coincides with what we have been talking about lately as far as our dental careers are concerned. Thanks so much, for showing and sharing, where you have been and where you are going. Totally uplifting."

Dr. Guss Sattem

"Dr. Schroder is every person's dentist. He has a unique way to communicate with everyone in the room allowing all participants to leave his program with something that they can use the next day in their practice. His humility, humor, and ease to work with are evident in his presentation style. I would without hesitation recommend Dr. Schroder to any group and look forward to bringing him back some day."

Priveer Sharma, DMD
"It only took my first interaction with Brian Schroder to realize that his work with digital impressions would be of great interest to the members of my Study Club. He shared his years of experience with this exciting technology while sharing his beliefs in multidisciplinary care, personal growth, and comprehensive dentistry. He is an approachable individual and lecturer with the ability to connect with every member. I highly recommend him."

Dr. Rick Akin
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